“Look, I’m an Olympic gold medalist and I use cannabis. It’s good for me and it’s good for you. I believe millions of people will be able to use and enhance their day-to-day life through healthy living and healthy lifestyle.” - Ross



We live and breathe it. We feel the calm, the strength, the creativity and the concentration that it provides. Since 1998 when our legacy began, we have used the healthful properties of this lifestyle to benefit us.

everyday athletes, culinary warriors, personal activists and family builders. We are lovers, connectors, and engaged people looking to make our world a better place. And, we know you are too. At Legacy, we are living our best life and want to help you live yours.


Legacy by Ross Rebagliati is a cannabis lifestyle company created by Olympic Gold Medal winner Ross Rebagliati. Our brand promotes healthy living and finding your inner athlete through everyday consumer products. The name, Legacy, comes from Ross’ 20-year history of putting the highest level of sport and cannabis use in the same spotlight. Our Growing Lifestyle means that we are looking to always grow, grow in all ways and use grown greens to help.


Legacy focuses on products that support your healthy and active way of life. Whether you are looking to boost your energy on those high intensity days or to calm your body and relive issues, Legacy has products to help. Legacy focuses on CBD personal products, CBD consumables, nutrients and home growing kits along with other branded items that support your cannabis lifestyle.


Legacy by Ross Rebagliati was founded to bring Ross’s knowledge of CBD and cannabis lifestyle products to a greater audience and help others to live their growing lifestyle. Ross is a Gold Medal winning snowboarder, businessman, professional athlete and family man.





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